[Gimp-user] 2.10 on macOS, content aware options


I am trying to get a content aware plugin working on Gimp 2.10 under MacOS.
Previously, I was using the lisanet port, which included the resynthetizer
plugin (enhance>heal) which would do the job. I remember downloading some python
scripts and copying them into the plugins directory when I first installed it.

However,every link to the resynthetiser and heal plugins download point to the
old (dead) gimp plugin registry, so I can't find a binary (not source) version
of the plugin for Mac.

Alternatively, I understand that the G'MIC suit should do the job with the G'MIC
Inpainting plugin. I downloaded Parthas version of McGimp 2.10 which includes
such plugin suite, and I am following this tutorial
(https://patdavid.net/2014/02/getting-around-in-gimp-gmic-inpainting.html) but I
must be missing something simple cause I can't make the plugin work.

So, what are you guys using and how? What working content aware options do we
Mac users have with 2.10?

Thanks a lot for the help!

johnpdoe (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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