Re: [Gimp-user] faded photo

On 07/10/2018 08:50 AM, lkl316 wrote:

I don't know the command that will do this step:

Another method for bringing up color (and contrast), is to make a
copy of the (scanned?) original, and set its Layer Mode to Overlay.

In the Layers dialog dock, below the area where layers are shown, left
click the icon that shows two rectangles, one on top of the other.  That
will make a duplicate of the selected (or only) layer, above the
selected (or original) layer.

To change the new layer's mode, find the Mode selector at the top of the
Layers dialog dock, left click where it says "Normal" and select
"Overlay".  The Opacity slider right below that starts at 100%, but can
be used to make the selected layer partially transparent if needed.

The Layers dialog dock is shown at the upper right in the illustration
on this page:


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