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That's a fairly open-ended request as "damage" can cover a great variety of
things. May I recommend several things you can look at to get a sense for
the variety of approaches one can take for "damage" in digital images:

A technique for dealing with physical damage, e.g., scratches, etc., is the
wavelet-decompose tool. The idea behind it is that damage may be limited to
certain ranges of an image's detail. Wavelet-decompose breaks an image into
a specified set detail levels allowing you to work on them in isolation.
Pat David's tutorials show how this is done. It is the *primary* took I
used in my own work in "fixing" old family photographs many of which are
covered in fine cracks/scratches. It is time-intensive but can yield
remarkable results, sometimes magical results!

A more general book, not as in-depth as one might wish but which covers a
more broad set of "damage" including color issues, is this book which is
also GIMP specific (unlike most other books that are Photoshop specific).

The Bible of these types of guides is Ctein's "Digital Restoration ..." --
it is, unfortunately, a Photoshop book and thus it's not possible to map
the techniques used to GIMP use. Also, the author makes a fair number of
assumptions about Photoshop knowledge, so that it is not always clear what
he's doing. But the range of techniques he uses will give you a good
understanding of the may ways one can approach fixing "damage"

Hope this helps some -- really, really recommend Pat David's blog. He as
many well written, informative guides for all sorts of things which you
might adapt for your particular needs.

Follows are links to a variety of sources I've saved over the years into
Evernote. You may find useful things here for the types of damage your
photo has: <-- Pat David again, on image
damage correction <-- More image damage correction  <-- excellent color cast

So, that's a lot of stuff, but there is no single technique that will fix
all damage. You'll likely find you need to do different things for
different reasons -- I know that's ambiguous, but it's also unfortunately
almost as surely true for your image as it was for all of my images.


Guy S.

Guy Stalnaker
jimmyg521 gmail com

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I have a damaged picture and would like feedback on what should be done

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