Re: [Gimp-user] No text input in file open dialog

Instead of using drag-and-drop from Windows Explorer, consider right-clicking and checking out your context 
menu.  There's usually a command called "Open With..." that allows you to select a program for it 
(internally, it mostly just executes a shell command of appname /path/to/file ).  Depending on the file and 
your access level, you may also be able to register the desired application as the default handler for that 
filetype so you can simply double-click the file in the future.

-- Stratadrake
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Subject: [Gimp-user] No text input in file open dialog

Working in Windows 10, I often select a file in Explorer, copy the file's
path to the clipboard and paste it into the file open dialog of an
application. I find it easier to navigate in Explorer than in file open

In the Gimp file open dialog, there is not text input, so I cannot paste a
file name. Why is this so?

Yes, there is drag'n'drop, but often I prefer text input. And you have to
drop files onto the tool bar, dropping on the image preview bar on the top
does not work, which I'd find more intuitive.

Thanks, Juergen
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