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On Tue, Aug 14, 2018 at 5:09 AM patrick via gimp-user-list <
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When trying to compile on Raspbian (debian) Stretch, I am not able to
install all the deps:

- Error: missing dependency babl >= 0.1.52
  - Error: missing dependency gegl-0.4 >= 0.4.4
  - Error: missing dependency glib >= 2.54.2
      *** Test for GLIB failed
  - Error: missing dependency gegl
      *** Could not find native gegl executable in your PATH.
  - Error: missing dependency fontconfig >= 2.12.4
  - Error: missing dependency gexiv2 >= 0.10.6
  - Error: missing dependency poppler-glib >= 0.44.0

glib >= 2.54.2 is really a show stopper on this distribution afaik.

I would indeed not install a glib different from the distribution one
system-wide (on any distribution), since it is low level and widely used
(and could break other programs), but it is easy to install it in a custom
prefix and have GIMP only use this version.

Unless you mean that it is impossible to build glib 2.54.2 on Raspbian. In
this case, I have no idea (but this may be the occasion to fix whatever
needs to be).

About the midi problem with the flatpak, it is kind of documented
here, so it doesn't look too good for me:

Yes the MIDI support is not built in GIMP on Flatpak. And you should not
expect this to work any time soon (I mean, it may happen any day, who
knows?! But it is quite some work and it doesn't look like anyone is really
interested into this).

I did not answer on this in my first email as I was unsure you were really
asking about this specific feature (you did not ask about this in the body
of the email, only as a short mention in the title). :-)

Not an expert on the subject, but when using snap you can add
permission using interfaces:

This is the same thing for Flatpak, but someone needs to implement the
said permission first.
In the case of this specific feature, it would require someone to implement
the said portal (possibly several times, as it may depend on the desktop
for instance; don't know if this is the case here), then someone to
re-implement the feature in GIMP instead of using libudev (which is how we
currently implement this feature, but this won't ever work; libudev won't
likely ever be usable in a Flatpak sandbox).

So the question is: anyone using gimp 2.10.4 with midi support on rpi3?

You won't find anyone, this is currently not possible.

If having this feature is a blocker to you, then yes, you have to install
GIMP some other way, either by building it yourself or waiting for the
distribution to get a GIMP 2.10 package; I saw that Debian Testing just got
GIMP 2.10.2. This should reach Raspbian at some point. :-)


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