Re: [Gimp-user] Stroke Path Won't Work

On 08/13/18 17:31, gitt97 wrote:
Hey guys,

So I was using stroke path normally and then I accidentally clicked selection
from path and I undid that....but now when I draw a path and then click stroke
path nothing shows up.

Can anyone help???


Make sure that:

1. there is no selection (Select>None)

2. that the path is within the boundaries of the layer you want to stroke on

3. that the layer is actually selected (you could be stroking on a channel, for instance)

4. that the layer is in "Normal" mode

5. that the mayer is not in "alpha lock" or "pixel lock".

6. if you are Stroking with a paint tool, check the paint mode (should be "Normal") and make sure that Dynamics are set to "Dynamics off".

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