Re: [Gimp-user] How to export jpeg without loss of quality?

"Rick Strong" <rnstrong primus ca> writes:

If you are going to have your image printed, you probably need it in the CMYK
colour space at 300 dpi. Which may mean that the file the printer gets should
be a TIF image file. The first rule is always: "What does your printer want?".

Expectations vary between North America and Europe, and even within North
America. Some printers are happy with a PDF file of a poster or brochure. It
all depends on how the final product is to be "printed".

GIMP doesn't support CMYK TIFs, although it will Export As to TIF in RGB
colour space (not what the printer probably wants, but who knows?).

Try for a free online RGB to CMYK converter *after*
you have processed your PNG (or jpg) file. Max. file size for upload is 12
MB. Supported file types: jpg, png, jpeg, tiff, tif, gif. I haven't used it so
I cannot comment on quality.

So: JPG > GIMP XCF, make adjustments, save as XCF each time (not jpg). EXPORT
AS the final XCF to TIF. Convert RGB TIF to CMYK TIF using RGB2CMYK. Again
Consult with your printer first who may have different needs.

Others on this list may have other ideas.

Thank you, Rick...  I'll be studying your indications.  Meanwhile: I'm
embedding that picture in a pdf file after converting into eps format.  I'm
using (La)TeX for all that...  The final pdf file is a brochure, a program, a
presentation for an event of theatre...  The picture is a photo, that I have in
its original jpg format...,  12MB big.



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Rodolfo Medina wrote:

I'm new to Gimp.  I need rescaling and resizing a jpeg picture.  But, after
rescaling and resizing it with Gimp, and after exporting it as jpeg format,
the size of the output file is much smaller: the original 12MB become 300K...
Is it possible, and how, to preserve the original quality?

"Rick Strong" <rnstrong primus ca> writes:

To add to Steve Kinney's excellent summaries, note also that PNGs will export
(i.e. maintain) transparency while JPGs will not.

R. Strong

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Where higher quality matters more than lower file size, for instance
images intended for color printing on glossy stock, the lossless PNG
format will usually be more appropriate than JPG.  The output files are
substantially larger, but with PNG what you save is what you get, with
no loss of detail except due to scaling the image up or down in size
while editing.


Thanks all who kindly replied to my request of help...  I understand there's
a loss of the original size because of my resizing and scaling under
Gimp.. But here we're talking of a 12MB file that becomes 380KB...!  Isn't it
too much also with those considerations?  As for the suggestion of using the
png format, I have the original image in jpeg format...  Are you suggesting
of converting jpg to png before modifing it with Gimp?  Or to save it, within
Gimp, from jpg to png?  The final use of this job is not for the web, but for
printing, so preserving the original quality is important...

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