[Gimp-user] RAW loaders for 2.10


I still have problems to select a RAW loader with Gimp-2-GIT (branch gimp-2-10) on Gentoo Linux
If I click on  Edit -> Preference -> Image Import & Export

I do see ${gimp_plugin_in_dir}/plug-ins/nufraw-gimp

But when I click on it, it gets greyed out and seems to be get ignored
since loading a RAW image shows a pop-up window
"RAw Photo Loader 1.1.20 - 16 September 2008"
and on the console I see that it invokes 'dcraw'.

Furthermore, I have Darktable and Rawtherapee installed here,
neither of which shows up in the menu mentioned above.

P.S.  nufraw, darktable and rawtherapee are all current GIT version

Many thanks for a hint,

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