[Gimp-user] Straighten Horizons

The standard way is the Rotate tool in 'Corrective (Backward)' mode,
line the grid up with the horizon, click rotate, and the image is
rotated accordingly.

However, to draw a 'line' you need a script. One attached
'auto-rotate.scm' **unzip** it pop it into your Gimp profile scripts

Windows C:\Users\"yourname"\.gimp-2.8\scripts

or Linux ~.gimp-2.8/scripts

Usage: Draw a **path** along the horizon, then apply the script, Layer
-> Auto-Rotate

Thank you.

That works a treat - once i worked out how to get a usable path.

Is there anyway of making a toolbox button (or keyboard short-cut) to make it
easier to access the Auto-Rotate function, instead of right clicking, selecting
layers, then selecting auto-rotate?

Thanks again.

Mabel (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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