[Gimp-user] Converting an image from square to round question

An image will always be rectangular but certain formats will permit
transparency. Jpeg is **not** one of those.

Very little change to your procedures.

Open Image, Add an Alpha Channel for transparency, Layers menu ->
Transparency -> Add Alpha Channel.

Make your Elliptical selection, Invert it, Cut it. The transparent
bits are depicted as a checker pattern. Kill the selection. Selection
-> None

Now the important bit. Export your image as a png. File -> Export As
Give the file a name **including** the .png suffix. Just keep the
default settings.

Thank you Rich, but I did use those exact steps. The issue is that even though
the "square" is transparent, it is still there. When I then open the rounded
.png file in Meshcam (the software I am using for the next step in my process)
it is displayed with the square again.

Huntleybill (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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