Re: [Gimp-user] changing the brush sizes

On 01/26/2016 04:01 AM, David wrote:
Hi Jim,

from he textual description of a youtube video I found out while having your same problem:

"GIMP has a very good at working with realistic paint brushes, but the default installation lacks a very 
useful shortcut. If you have worked with the Paint Brush or Pencil tool, you may have noticed that changing 
the size of the brush isn't easy. You have to fiddle around with the Size/Scale slider in the tool options 
on the left. This is a lot of guess work, because it doesn't show a preview size when you are dragging the 
slider. Have no fear, there is an easier way. Configure the mouse wheel to increase and decrease the brush 
size when you scroll up or down.

-Click "Edit"?"Preferences"
-Under the "Input Devices" section, click "Input Controllers"
-In the "Active Controllers" column, double-click "Main Mouse Wheel"
-A new window to configure the controller will pop up. Make sure the second check box, "Enable this 
Controller" is checked, or else this won't work
-Find the "Scroll Up" event, (it should be at the top). Double-click it or click "Edit" at the bottom.
-Click on the "Tools" section and type "increase" in the search field
-Scroll down and click on the action "Increase Brush Size". The name is 
"tools-paint-brush-size-increase&qu­ot;. (In some versions of GIMP it was "Increase Brush Scale")
-Close the window, then edit the "Scroll Down" event
-This time type "Decrease" in the search bar and locate the "Decrease Brush Size" action. (Name is 
-Close the action window, input controller window and click OK in the "Preferences" window

Now you can simply scroll the mouse wheel to vary the brush size."

Hope it helps,
To me, it works perfectly! ;)

"Me too."

I believe this should be a default setting:  It's massively useful,
and most users simply won't be able to find and follow instructions
like those given above.  My own attempt to make a how-to consists of
a brief explanation of the desired end result, and this picture:

I also set control + alt + scroll to dial brush hardness up and
down.  These tweaks have VASTLY accelerated my workflow.


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