[Gimp-user] Problem with gmic-gimp

Hi everybody,

   I am running Gimp 2.6 on Ubuntu 12.04. I use Gmic 1.5.6 without problem,
but recently I tried to install version 1.6.8, and it doesn't work : I see GMIC in
the menu, its dialog opens, but any filter I try ends the same way :

"The plugin Gmic-Gimp crashed. Gimp might be corrupted, save your work and restart".
(sorry for the approximative translation from french... :-[ ).

I tried to remove the old version of Gmic from any place I could find it, and place the new one either in my personal folder or as a global install, without success. I also ckecked that the
required libraries are present.
Is this a problem of incompatibility of Gmic 1.6.8 with Gimp 2.6? Am I missing something?
Any suggestion would be welcome. Thanks a lot in advance.


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