[Gimp-user] NEF opening files wit version 2.8.14

To be clear, towards the bottom on the left of "Open image" file
selector window, change the "Select File type" from it's default of
"Automatically Detected" to "raw image 3fr,arl"... - the last option.

This is distinct from the file selector choice of "All images" at
bottom right, which can be left as it is.

See my screen shot, attached

Then in my case I just select a .NEF file.

I hope that this helps

Hi, I am having the same issue and unfortunately when I try to choose the raw
file type, ".data" is the only option and it doesn't work for the ".nef" files I
have. Any help?

Thank you, 


kaelin06 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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