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The most disturbing difference I noted was the lack of letter kerning (space) between the "t" and the "i" in "Scientist". They should not be joined in Calibri.

I can see how you prefer the "debossed" version better.

Rick S.

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I'm fairly new to GIMP and just wondering about how difficult it would be to
recreate a fairly simple 3' x 6' sign design produced in Word 2013 to an .ai

I just trying to get an idea of what kind of learning curve is ahead of me
before I dive in.

The graphics company recreated our design, but it lost some of the nuances
(which, admittedly, are somewhat minor, but we would like to try to keep them if

I'll see if I can attach the original Word design in .pdf and the graphics
company's version...

Any help would be much appreciated...breadcrumbs, tips, anything that gets us
going in the right direction.  Thank you.

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