[Gimp-user] Why does Export To require confirmation on certain files

I'm wondering what the thinking / logic was in requiring confirmation when
exporting to a file that the original source image was loaded from?

I can understand if I loaded a .xcf file, or .bmp file, and then later went
to export it to a .png file, for example, asking for confirmation before
overwrite.  But, if I were to load a .png file, and then went to export it
(and not "Export As..." to a new destination), but to write-out the
original .png that was loaded, why does it ask for confirmation the first
time?  Why not just recognize it as an editing session and save it back out
in the same format?

If I load a .xcf file, and then press Ctrl+S after making changes, it
doesn't ask for confirmation.  Why does the "Export" feature require
confirmation when writing back out to the original file it was loaded
from?  And why after writing out those changes to the original source file,
and going to exit, does it ask me if I want to discard my changes?  I am
not discarding them.  I just haven't saved them in the .xcf format, but I
have saved them in the original format.

It seems to be a conscious effort to make all non-.xcf file formats second
or third class citizens in GIMP, and it came about when the Ctrl+S change
was made to only work with .xcf files, and to push everything else to the
Ctrl+E export area.

What was the thinking / logic there?  It causes a great deal of problems
for users.  It's also confusing because I get the message about unsaved
changes, even after I've exported them out as .png files.  It actually
makes me cancel the close file operation, go out and export again, and then
close file and discard changes.

It's counter-productive and it causes people issues in using GIMP for
non-.xcf file formats.

Best regards,
Rick C. Hodgin

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