Re: [Gimp-user] changing the brush sizes

On 13/12/16 21:33, mehjg wrote:
I want to be able to edit my brushes and save them, using the appropriate dialog
box, but no matter what I do, the size doesn't change. I can change the
hardness, angle, aspect ratio, etc., but the size just won't change, whether
using the bracket keys or the radius slider. I'm not using a mouse and I don't
want to try using the track pad's scroll function to change the size of the
brush because I use it to scroll. Any suggestions?
You can save the whole combo of brush size, opacity, fade, etc, by saving the Tool options for the Paintbrush (or the Pencil, Eraser, Smudge...).

You can also create a brush at a given size so you wouldn't restore a size but just the brush with the right size from the Brush palette.

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