[Gimp-user] Question Regarding Transparent Layers


I'm trying to help a friend with something and I'm talking her through all the
steps but her end result is doing something different than mine so I'm having a
hard time trouble-shooting this one.

Here's the premise: We open two photos.  One is a JPG of a piece of jewelry; the
other is a PNG of a logo with transparent background.

When I'm finished, I have place the logo onto the jewelry photo and saved it as
a jpg and it looks great.  When she's finished, using the exact same steps I
use, there is a white block around her logo because the formerly transparent
background has ceased to be transparent.

When she copies and pastes the logo onto the jewelry image, there is no
background showing around the logo at that time.  But as soon as she clicks out
of the logo (clicks somewhere on the jewelry image in order to remove the
selection tool from around the logo) the formerly transparent background

Any ideas?

She's on a PC and I'm on a PC.  I think we're both using the same version of
GIMP (but I can check).  I'm on Windows 10 (she doesn't know what she's on).

Thanks in advance for any help.


Experimentalist (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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