[Gimp-user] Fwd: Re: Conserving layer groups in mockup export

Le 13/12/2016 à 11:46, Ofnuts a écrit :
On 13/12/16 10:58, Daniel wrote:
Hey all,

I'm working on creating multi-layer website mockups using layer groups
to organize the elements of each section (header, menu, footer, etc).
The client would like the mockups in PSD format, but the PSD export
function flattens the layer groups, so during the conversion of the PSD
to HTML/CSS the developer won't be able to extract/isolate individual
elements (images/icons/etc) in the layer groups if they want to. I
already looked into exporting a multi-layer TIFF from Gimp, but that is
not currently supported.

I've got access to a copy of Photoshop, but I barely know how to use it
except for recreating the layer groups, so using it for doing the
mockups is not an option.

My idea for a workaround is to not use layer groups in Gimp and just
have all the elements in layers without any hierarchy, then export to
PSD, then in Photoshop open the file and create layer groups and
reorganize the elements as I normally would in Gimp. This solution takes
more time and is less organized during the creation of the mockups in
Gimp since I'll have no layer groups, but it is not the end of the
world, and maybe the only workable solution.

I'd love to know how others work through this type of issue. Anyone have
any suggestions?

If you are just using groups to keep related things together and not
for specific compositing order,
a possible solution is to use a script in Gimp to un-group everything
before exporting. 
Thanks for your reply. If possible I'd like the file I export from Gimp
to open in Photoshop with all the layer groups intact. No one else has
done this or needed to do this? This would be easy if the TIFF export
supported layer groups because I could just open the TIFF in PS
directly. This seems like the optimal solution for me.

If it is confirmed that there is no way to do that today, I'll fall back
to the manual recreation. In that case I totally agree that doing an
un-group just before exporting to PSD will allow me to work with the
layer groups in Gimp, which I prefer. I see there is a plugin which
ungroups layer groups which I could use.


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