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I thought I would play around with finding a solution for this, but after running up against a "middle button click" (I hadn't heard of it either) in some obscure dialogue I couldn't find again, I gave up.

For the uninitiated, a "middle button click" means clicking your scroll wheel, assuming you have a clickable scroll wheel. Even if you do, and I do, it probably won't work with GIMP. Why not just use a standard left- or right-button click? KISS.

I really like your train shots though, Walter.

Rick S.

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I am having great fun using GIMP now I've finally started to experiment with it,
but I want to know if there is an easy way to recolour an image from one
specific colour to another.

For example, if a vehicle is light grey, can I recolour it to a specific shade of blue? I've tried various methods, which mirror the tints and shades of the
original, but they all seem to end up with a much lighter colour than I want
(because the original is such a pale grey).

I'm ultimately trying to do things like this:

But to look really good they need to be specific shades.


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