Re: [Gimp-user] Working with images

On 24/04/16 01:13, Deborah Bates wrote:
I'm new to Gimp and not familiar with some of the terminology, so please
keep that in mind with your responses.  I have an image of a diamond that I
have scaled from 100% to 50%.  I want to duplicate that image side by side
all over the screen to use as a background.  What is the best way to do
that?  Thanks so much for your help!

You don't need Gimp for this, "tiling" the image is usually an option for wallpaper settings.


- Open you image in Gimp
- File>New and create an image the size of your screen
- In the Diamond Image: "Select>All" and "Edit>Copy"
- Back to the new Image
- Select the "Bucket FIll" tool
- Go to the Tool options dialog (normally visible, otherwise Windows>Dockable dialogs>Tool options)
- Select "File type>Pattern fill"
- Click on the pattern icon right next to it
- Select the first pattern in your list (it should be called "Clipboard")
- Click on your wallpaper image
- File>Export the image

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