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Hi, Tobias,

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Tobias Jakobs wrote:
2016-04-11 16:40 GMT+02:00  <m roth 5-cent us>:
 Doing that with these scans, nada. No useful changes, and threshold
does nothing.

   Clues for the poor?

No, but could you perhaps upload on of the PDFs so that at least
someone with an old Gimp 2.6 has the chance to reproduce the problem.

Well... I have a friend here at work who thought he could do it, but
Photoshop? Acrobat Pro? Anyway, it came in as an image, not as text, is
what he told me, so.... I suppose I'm willing to upload the document...
but it's over 2M, and 18 pages or so.  Were you suggesting I could to that
to this list, or direct to you, or...?

I think I mentioned that when my friend used the scanner "across the hall,
labelled as 'better for OCR', I could extract with few problems (other
than having to do each of the 17 pages one by one....).


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