Re: [Gimp-user] GIMP, .pdf, and threshold

Hi, Tobias,

Tobias Jakobs wrote:
2016-04-11 16:40 GMT+02:00  <m roth 5-cent us>:

 I'm running CentOS 6.7, and the most current GIMP for that, 2.6.9-8.

Uff, that's an really old version...

It's what's current for CentOS 6 (and I *really* am putting off going to
CentOS 7 as long as possible, I despise systemd, but that's another
flamewar), and I'd rather just keep current. Btw, CentOS 6 == RHEL 6.

 Doing that with these scans, nada. No useful changes, and threshold
does nothing.

   Clues for the poor?

No, but could you perhaps upload on of the PDFs so that at least
someone with an old Gimp 2.6 has the chance to reproduce the problem.

a) I'm not used to mailing lists that allow that, as I think it was
hundreds of k? over a meg?), and
b) I personally have an issue doing that - it's not just some random
stuff, it's writing by my late wife in a fiction APA, that I finally got
up off my butt to collect, so I can put into a publishable novel form. So,
things like copyright (I would be the copyright holder).... Let me think
about it - actually, it'd have to wait until this evening anyway, it's on
my workstation at home, not here at work.

Here I was hoping it was seen before, here's a link to a thread....


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