Re: [Gimp-user] Suggestion for dialog displayed on Gimp exit

Short answer: This dialog is used because there may potentially be more than one image open with unsaved 

Long answer: First, a few questions...

1 - Are you running GIMP in single-window mode or not?
2 - How many image windows did you have open?
3 - What command/shortcut did you use to close the window and/or exit GIMP?

Because here's the scenarios that may be in play:

1 - If you are simply closing the window, then in single-window mode this is interpreted as exiting GIMP 
entirely while in multiple-window mode it is interpreted as closing only that window (not exiting GIMP).
2 - In multiple window mode, when you close the last open image GIMP does not exit at this time but instead 
leaves behind an empty placeholder window (in case you need to open a new image, etc.).  You have to close 
the empty window to actually exit GIMP.  
3 - If you have multiple image windows open and you try to close all windows and/or exit GIMP, there may be 
more than one image open with unsaved changes.  This is why the particular dialog shows a list of open images 
and only has choices to discard all changes or cancel.

However, I do agree that the current logic is flawed and needs discussion -- the following points in 

- In single-window mode, multiple images are displayed as a row of tabs (comparable to Internet browsers); 
however, when only one image is open the tab bar is not shown -- leaving the user without a VISIBLE button to 
close only that window (because hitting the standard Close button will exit GIMP entirely).  Yes there is the 
menu command and the keyboard shortcuts work, but this is the touchscreen era.  Other applications handle 
this scenario in various ways -- e.g. Firefox always displays the tab bar even when only one tab is open, 
Office displays a secondary Close button on the right side of the menubar (distinct from the window's main 
Close button).

- When only one image is open, regardless of whether the user is closing the window or exiting GIMP, GIMP 
should ALWAYS use the single-image version of the "unsaved changes" prompt (i.e. save/discard/cancel) instead 
of the multiple-images version (list of images, discard/cancel).

- The multiple-images version of the "unsaved changes" prompt should include, in its list of open images, 
buttons to save the individual images directly from this prompt.

-- Stratadrake
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Subject: [Gimp-user] Suggestion for dialog displayed on Gimp exit

I can't seem to find anywhere specifically for suggestions/improvements to Gimp,
and GimpTalk seems to be pretty much inactive so here I am:

When I make a change to a .XCF project and go to close Gimp after forgetting the
save the file, I see the dialog in the (hopefully) posted Image.

There are three buttons: "Help", "Discard changes" and "Cancel"

Now, 9 times out of 10 when I get this, the thing I want to do is save the file.
Why is there no "Save" button on this dialog? The accepted standard for this
scenario is a dialog with "Save", "Don't Save" and "Cancel" buttons and for me,
this covers all the bases.


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