Re: [Gimp-user] JP2 files

It's always a pleasure and a source of jollification to discourse with your
breedy. If you will express enough civic virtue by acquainting yourself
with the definition of “typographical error” - known more commonly as a
“typo”; where are you from btw because even my cat knows is familiar with
the word 'typo' ? let me try to help you understand the concept: i meant to
“gimp” but one of my fingers mistakenly struck the keyboard's 'y' key - let
me assure you that it was a bona fide mistake on my part; at no time did i
harbor a malicious intent against your intellectually-challenged population

if you need me to further clarify this for you then please do post again
and clutter up these forums with nonsensical crap because i appreciate your
intelligence-challenged culture.

now, if you nothing to add about the technical aspect of my post then i
will bid you goodnighty.

/s/ Neal Weissman

On Mon, Oct 19, 2015 at 3:16 PM, Patrick Shanahan <ptilopteri gmail com>

* Neal Weissman <nweissma gmail com> [10-19-15 13:55]:
I installed gimpy 2.8 directly from the gimpy site about three weeks ago
and it seems to not be capable of opening .jp2's - see attached .png

I'm told that .jp2 capability rests with a gimp “build”

Probably, but then you must install gimp and from an approved site rather
than "gimpy", whatever that is.

You really expect help w/o giving any information about your operating
system or where you dl'd whatever it was you installed and expecially
after deriding the program name?  Shame on you.

Maybe it would just be better if you went away, far away!
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