Re: [Gimp-user] white balance question

On 18/03/15 21:25, Boisdesdames wrote:

I have a question about the automatic white balance tool applied to a portion of a picture (in my case, scans of negative pictures). The tool "Colors -> Auto -> White Balance" gives good results most of the time. But when the image has strong contrast (for example winter pictures in the snow), the result is not that good. If I select a portion of the picture (rectangular selection tool for example) and apply the automatic white balance, the result is better but is only applied to the selected region of the picture. Is there a way to apply these settings to the whole picture ?

If you are scanning negatives, there are more accurate techniques. This one works quite well:

In Gimp you have to use Levels instead of Curves to get the color pickers. And you can save the settings to reuse them on other scans from the same film.

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