Re: [Gimp-user] Unistalling GIMP

Since reinstalling GIMP does not seem to work, perhaps you can tell us what problems you are having that makes you want to reinstall in the first place and we could try to address those instead? If the purpose of the re-installation is to reset your preferences to default, there is a built-in feature for that under Edit > Preferences.

Philbeaux skrev den 2015-02-14 18:02:
I'm having some problems with GIMP so I've tried to uninstall it.... 3 times
now. I've deleted the gimp 2.8 folders from my User directory as well and every
time I re-install all my settings are the same as well as the same issues
I've also rebooted and run CCleaner after each uninstall too.

So tell me, how do I remove GIMP completely?

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