Re: [Gimp-user] Problems Actually Starting/Launching Gimp

Adam Kinshasa08 <adam.kinshasa08 <at>> writes:

Hello Gimp Users,

I have a Lenovo , Windows 8 laptop. I use Mozilla Firefox as my browser.
I have downloaded the gimp-2.8.14-setup-1.exe.torrent file , but when I try 
to run this file, I am asked
which application I want to open Gimp with (EG Mozilla Firefox etc...)
Does anyone know how to get around this and how to install and run Gimp 
please ?

That is a link to a torrent, where the file is partially downloaded from many 
sources, spreading the load over those sources.
Many people have no idea what a torrent is or how to implement it.

Next to the link you clicked on, at, is a link in brackets (http) 
click on that and it takes you to a more regular download

However to save load on which has limited resources, do try one of 
the mirror sites shown on  choose closest geographically, go there and 
look for a download. 

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