Re: [Gimp-user] keyboard shortcut for show mask? change opacity?

Hi Elle,

On  23.2.2014 at 6:15 PM Elle Stone wrote:
"Layer/Mask/Show mask" let's you see the layer mask at 100% opacity. Is
there a way to set up a keyboard shortcut to show the layer mask without
having to traverse the menu?

By default there is no keyboard shortcut for this. But you can assign one:

1. In Linux (and Windows) go to Edit/Keyboard Shortcuts. (On OS X this
item is in the GIMP menu).
2. In the Search field enter 'show layer mask'.
3. Assign a shortcut to the action 'show layer mask'.

And can the layer mask be shown at less
than 100% opacity, so the underlying image is partially visible?

I don't know of a direct way. You can use an admittedly laborious

1. Right click on the layer mask.
2. In the layer masks menu choose 'Mask to Selection'.
3. Open the Channels dialog.
4. Add a new channel. In the 'New channel options' dialog check
'Initialize from selection' and set the Fill opacity to your needs.
You can later change it by right-clicking on that channel and
editing the channel attributes.

Currently the quick mask and the channels have adjustable opacity, but
not layer masks and color channels. To me it sounds like a requirement
that artists might have more often. We could consider then adding this

Kind regards,


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