[Gimp-user] Softproof with GIMP

Hello there,

I want to do some softproofing and I struggle with some details. I have
the Profile file (for he monitor and the printer) and it shows correctly
under the Colormanagement Tab in the actual GIMP 2.8 version.
Now I want to see my original Picture and the Colorcorrected e.g. for
the Softproof to print side-by-side on the screen. Is there a way to get

Is there a way to change from "colormetric (relative)" to "colormetric
(absolut) - sorry, I try to translate it from german ... - in the
Colormanagement -  Printsimulation Tab without doin it over the
Menustructure (which takes a lot of time...)?!

Can I use CMYK im GIMP 2.8 or will it be in one of the next versions?
Some literature says I have to use a Plugin Seperate+ for that.

best regards
Henrik Heigl

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