Re: [Gimp-user] (no subject)

On 09/25/2013 02:45 AM, glenda wright wrote:
How do I get a clean white background with GIMP when displaying items on my website.

You have to replace the background in your picture with transparency.

How this is done depends a lot on the picture. Experienced photographers take the picture for that purpose, in a "light tent" or against a illuminated/overblown white background, which can be kept (it will be pure white) or is very easy to remove (in some cases they use a completely black background instead).

Typically removing a random background against a random subject isn't very easy and is rather time consuming. In Gimp you can use the Foreground selector (that works very well in some cases) or the intelligent scissors. Work on the original size (scale down for you web site after removing the background).

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