[Gimp-user] scanner

Have you reinstalled whatever software owns this DLL (likely a Nikon
provided software?)? Because this is not GIMP which installs it (at
least there is no such file for me), so reinstalling GIMP is not
likely to fix anything if your system can't find it.

Also I am not a usual Windows user, but if I understood the system
logics, DLLs are also found with the PATH environment variable.
Therefore you could try to check if windows\twain.32\nikon\nikon scan
3.0 is in your PATH, and if not, add it. That may fix your issue.

I tried adding the path to nikon 3  program to path statement with no luck, 
copying the nikon dll's to gimp/bin also no luck.

westendr (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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