[Gimp-user] changes in gimp 2.8

I just upgraded to ubuntu 12.10 and noticed a couple of changes in gimp 2.8
that seemed really annoying to me.

First, why is the save feature only applying to gimp file formats?  What
was the motivation behind this besides being different, which seems like
justification enough in the open-source UI world?  Was there a problem with
people accidentally losing their layers and this is to force them to use
xcf files now?  It only alienates people who are used to using Ctrl-S to
save images.  I know you lose information flattening a scene to png, but
was that a huge gripe users had previously and now this will force them to
save xcfs?  It seemed to work fine for years in the same way photoshop has.
 It's the exact same dialog.  Was this really a developer consensus or just
some feature that someone said why not?  Just curious.

Second, it seems the text tool has been refactored a bit.  Now when I go to
type text, it has a fixed size of 18 pixels.  If I raise this amount, and
select the text in the text box again, the number reverts back to 18 and I
get small text.  What's going on here?  Is there a different workflow now
for selecting that number?


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