Re: [Gimp-user] Gimp Contact Sheets

Filter/Batch/Contact Sheet

Thank you for answering maybe but, I don't think so... I find the plug-in under
the "Help" menu. 

Can you specify the url where you got the plug-in? 
This can be helpful, maybe the author has changed the menu locatrion over some version...

The question is "Do I open a photo (or photos)  first or open
the plug-in first? " And ,yes, once the photo(s)  or plug-in is open,  where do
I find it on the menu as an option? In plain English, how do I get to all of
these dialog boxes shown in the manual? 

I would have tried to click on the menu entry you found. What happens if you do this?

Is it because I need to download something called  "Python?" 

If the plug-in you got is a python plug-in, then it wouldn't show up if you hadn't Pythpn installed.
The GIMP Windows installers include Python.

Please remember, I am a professional photographer not a Linux enthusiasist.

If you are using Linux, you'll install software via your Linux distros package management.

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