Re: [Gimp-user] using GIMP jpegs in OpenOffice Writer - error

On 09/04/13 06:00, Uniklaps wrote:
Win 7 64 bit  RAM 16 GB  GIMP  2.8.4

Hi friends,

with GIMP I create maps using a WACOM tablet. I save the data as xcf,
additional using the export option as jpg and tif.  These files Jpg and tif
are for further use. If I try to insert one of these jpgs, OpenOffice Writer
(3.4.1) show an error report "graphic filter not found" (translated from

If I open the GIMP jpg with Photoshop elements and save it again as jpg
either overwriting the old file from GIMP-export or creating a new file
(copy) , OO Writer shows the same error-report; same reaction with the GIMP

But if I open the GIMP jpg or GIMP tif with PhotoLine (V 17.11; Shareware;
demo free and save it again als jpg (highest qualitiy) then OO Writer
insert this picture.

Is this behaviour caused by GIMP or OO Writer or are both "guilty" or is
this a bug ?

Is there a way to persuade GIMP to export a readable jpg  ??

Thanks for all your help!

Hi Konrad,

I am using OO 3.4.1 on FreeBSD and GIMP 2.8.6.
I have no trouble inserting .jpg files output from gimp into OO Writer.
I also had no trouble when using OO 3.3.x.

How big are these files, and is there any chance you are simply running
over some memory / address space limits?  I know once upon a time there
were issues of this sort in windows environments when the 4G limit was 
reached.  Since you are running windows, is the OO you are running a 32 
bit version, and not able to make use of the whole address space?  What 
happens if you use smaller images, or export using a lower quality jpg?


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