[Gimp-user] Restricting tool movement along a single axis

thank you Alemelo for bringing up this topic.
Let's not stick with complaints, sitting back and doing nothing.

Don't get me wrong, this wasn't a complaint; I just found it strange that this
basic behaviour hadn't been implemented yet.

Sticking with it, I'd only need an axis lock modifier.
I usually correct perspective in architectural photography.
While I can easily keep the horizon, well... horizontal, the perspective always
make vertical lines slope.
To correct those lines I'd need to be able to select the whole image and drag
the corners horizontally and not vertically.
What I find annoying is that a slight vertical shift when I drag them is almost
unnoticeable and after my transformation I will end up with a photograph with a
slight oblique margin and I'll be forced to crop it or stretch it to fill again
the layer surface.
Restricting movement along the axis would cut my work because I would be sure
that the image still fills the entire surface.

The axis lock could override any problem concerning the point of the handle you
click upon, sticking to the corner of the image for reference.

This would be what in CAD software is usually called "ortho mode".

Alex Melillo

alemelo (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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