Re: [Gimp-user] HATE the new save vs. export behavior

On Thu, Oct 3, 2013 at 10:54 PM, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* vitalif <forums gimpusers com> [10-03-13 12:41]:
I want to say two things:

1) The new behaviour is a TOTAL PIECE OF SHIT. And the authors are just MORONS
because they argue that if you dislike it, you are an idiot, "misuse" gimp and
should only use MSPAINT because of a low IQ. Just like it was with the
single-window mode, yeah.

2) But - Good news, everyone! That bevaviour really fucked me up and I got to
the code and patched it. And the patch to DISABLE that piece of shit is very
simple - you just need to comment out two if()'s in
app/plug-in/gimppluginmanager-file.c (see below or get it from

Your social skills surely reflect your intelligence level.

May I suggest that we avoid personal confrontation? Breaking the code
of conduct by Mr. Filippov was bad enough.


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