Re: [Gimp-user] Gimp 2.8.8 > 2.8.10?

* Thomas Taylor <linxt comcast net> [11-30-13 14:58]:
When I install the 2.8.10 release of Gimp, should I delete the prior
version (2.8.8)?

If you use yast or zypper it will happen automagically for you, the gimp
package will be updated.

On a SUSE system could I zypper up gimp?

That is what I do.

ps:  I run Tumbleweed and presently am at gimp-2.8.6-3.2.2.x86_64, and I
do not see gimp > 2.8.8 available for any version of openSUSE.  What
sources did you expect to use to upgrade gimp?

ps1:  I strongly suggest that if you are not well versed in installing and
recovering from installing source packages, you remain with packages
specifically built for your openSUSE system, and the question you posed
indicates you are not that well versed.

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