[Gimp-user] Can't get 2.8.10 to operate correct after building from source

I have tried to upgrade my gimp2.8.2 (default in debian distrubuted version at the moment) to 2.8.10 since I read through release notes and realized I could be an even happier user with this version. During installation I found that I missed quite a few bits and pieces, but I installed them when required. (babl, gegle, glib2 e.g.). Eventually I reached the make install stage and it seemed to work ok. However when now opening gimp I can't open files and I lack quite a few filters possibly other menues missing I havn't walked into everything yet. It seems like a folders supposed to be created and refreshed in /.gimp2.8 was not.

I am on debian wheezy linux (7.2), xfce4 deskop.

Screenshot when opening gimp and a gimp --verbose consol capture is attached.

Any hints how to fix my gimp build to a proper build would be great.


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