Re: [Gimp-user] Potential New User Questions

On 11/25/2013 05:33 PM, Beau & Belle Invitations wrote:
Hi everyone

I apoligize in advance for my probably very stupid and laughable questions.
  I am not very computer literate!

I have a very small business and cannot justify purchasing adobe photoshop
or any of their products.  I make wedding invitations and different
greeting cards and would like to start using some digital graphics.  I
wouldn't be designing the graphics - just using them.

I'm just wondering if GIMP will be able to crop these images for me to use
(duh right??), but also if I will be able to change the color of these
graphics.  Most of the graphics I get are in a PNG file and have a
transparent background.  They are always a solid black color and are very
simple designs.  All I would want to do is potentially change the solid
black color to a solid blue color (or whatever color) and probably crop and
resave the image to use...

Can anyone help me please and let me know if this is possible with GIMP?
  And try not to laugh at me too hard!

Changing the color in these images is normally very easy. Check the "alpha-lock" and paint the whole image, the transparency of the pixels will be kept.

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