Re: [Gimp-user] GIMP 2 Problem

On 11/01/2013 03:47 PM, Johan J W Bezuidenhoud wrote:
Hi out there !!!

I do hope someone can be of assistance.

I have downloaded and installed GIMP 2.8 on my desktop machine.
When I click the icon the blue frame of the GIMP start-up window momentarily
appears and then disappears.
Nothing else then happens - no error message nor any form of a message

My desktop system runs on Windows XP SP3, with all the latest updates, etc.
The anti-virus software currently installed - Windows Security Essentials.
I uninstalled the anti-virus program totally, re-installed GIMP 2.8, to no

My Laptop computer runs with Windows 7 (64 bit). I downloaded and installed
GIMP 2.8 - it is running perfectly!!

What can possibly cause this anomaly?? Where do I begin???

Regards to all.

Not too familiair with the current Windows versions but IIR there is a "gimp-console.exe" that can be use to start Gimp in a command prompt and lets you check for error messages (also IIRC, this version is meant for batch processing, it doesn't create windows)

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