Re: [Gimp-user] question about scrambing images in gimp

KATHLEEN LORALEE KELLER <klk37 psu edu> writes:

Hi All,
I'm new to gimp, but wanted to know if there's a way we can scramble
images using the program. We are trying to make images unrecognizable
through scrambling (while still retaining the image colors,etc).

Note, if this is for any sort of privacy purposes, that most such
"scrambling" methods can to some extent be undone. A warped face can be
unwarped, blurs can be unblurred, etc. If the purpose is to hide
someone's face or similar, fill a circle with some colour instead. Or if
you want to keep similar colours as the rest of the image, use
Resynthesizer to grab colours from the surrounding area.

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