Re: [Gimp-user] gifquestion

When exporting the .gif, change "Frame disposal where unspecified" to "one frame per layer (replace)". It's two different ways of rendering .gif and the other one can reduce the file size, but replace is the behaviour most people will expect. maybe it's worth thinking about if it should be defaulted in upcoming releases.


Am 28.05.2013 03:09, schrieb Kazuki Takahashi:
well i seem to be having a problem, i know how to make a transparent image
in gimp, and i know how to make gifs in gimp, but if the background is
transparent on the gifs, it shows the previous layer on the gif, how do i
fix that?
p.s whenever i edit gifs, they turn out just fine, but I want to make my
own so...

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