Re: [Gimp-user] GIMP does not support Mac Retina displays

@Sven, If I understand you right, you want to know what library gtk is
built with? I build gtk with the quartz backend for native OSX builds.

Hope that helps.


On Mon, May 20, 2013 at 4:16 AM, scl <scl gplus gmail com> wrote:

On 20.05.13 at 08:23 AM Maurizio Loreti wrote:

[...] GIMP does not support my Retina high resolution display;

window graphics and text appear jagged, and, while displaying
the same picture on the iMac and the Macbook, the Retina picture
appears to be lower quality.

It is a pity that this wonderful program, ported to the Mac with native
graphics, does not support these displays.

This is of course a request for an enhancement; will you plan to support
high resolution displays in the near future?

Hi Maurizio,

thank you for reporting this.
The Retina display problem is already known and there are two bugs in
our Bugtracker for this:

Bug 682178-Offscreen windows render into low-resolution pixel space [1],
Bug 686454-Gimp Canvas Content Looks Distorted and Pixelated on Macbook
Pro Retina [2].

If you can provide more information on this, may it be observations,
technical information or whatever is constructive, your comments on
these Bugzilla bugs are welcome.

The current state of development as I heard on IRC: one developer
already made bugfixes but found nobody with a Retina display to
test it. Perhaps we can create a new temporary development branch
in our Git repository for these bugfixes, get an OS X build from it
and somebody with a Retina display is willing to test (perhaps you?).
The quicker we find somebody, the quicker GIMP supports Retina displays.

From a technical point of view the platform specific code for
rendering on OS X is in the underlying graphics library GDK or Cairo.
Can anybody clarify which is the right one in GTK2 and GTK3?
If we get stuck we should ask there to build the necessary foundations.

Kind regards,



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