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Hi Jeff,

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"Jeff Weidemoyer" <jeffweidemoyer adponemansjourney com> wrote:

Attn: GIMP,


Firstly, I apologize if this was not the correct email contact. I did not
see a better email contact provided in regards to my email content.


I am a solo musician / songwriter from Lebanon, PA, USA, and I wish to thank
you all for being such an important influence to me as I look to continue
the journey I have started with my creative project. I wouldn't have been
able to create my EP without your great product.  I have been using GIMP for
nearly four years, and I have created every single logo I have to my name
using your product. They say that the best things in life are free, and with
everything your product offers, I believe Audacity is one of those "things"
that statement is referring to. Admittedly, your product as well as
Audacity, are  two of the best free software programs available for any
creative person as far as I am concerned.  All of the album artwork, as well
as marketing materials I made to support the EP was made utilizing GIMP. 


I'm glad you like GIMP and found it useful. I believe the GIMP developers
will appreciate a donation, but, naturally, you are not obligated to make one.

Good luck, and Happy New Year!

I plan to release a third EP, and 24 full-length albums over the next 24
years of my creative career. Unless any unforeseen circumstances come up, I
plan to continue using your products throughout the entirety of my musical
career. I hope I can help to bring even more pride and respect to your
already reputable brand through my music. (Free instant-download)

Thanks for the link. I downloaded the album (without paying) and I am going to
listen to it. If I like it enough, then I may make a donation.


        -- Shlomi Fish (a GIMP contributor and coder, but certainly not a core

Shlomi Fish
"Humanity" - Parody of Modern Life -

“Interesting” has a negative correlation with “successful”.
    — Anno on Freenode’s #perl

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