[Gimp-user] gutenprint interface

I'm having trouble getting gutenprint w/cups to work on freebsd;
gutenprint works fine from a browser, but not from the gimp when I
use "Print with Gutenprint...".  The dialog comes up, and if I
select the lpr device, it appears to send the output to the lp/lpr
device unfiltered; but if I select the printer added in cups, I 
see no output and no errors in the error log, and the printer 
doesn't even wake up.  I think it may not be finding the device,
which is not listed in /etc/printcap, and I don't believe needs to
be, as it works from firefox.
When the dialog pops up there is a process running for gutenprint:
  /usr/local/libexec/gimp/2.2/plug-ins/gutenprint -gimp 24 18 -run 0
Any thoughts / hints on how to debug this?



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