Re: [Gimp-user] black canvas extension

On 12/29/2013 12:45 PM, EGoldman wrote:
I am applying on  Zapplication for juried shows for my jewelry . I am a newbie
to Gimp but have mastered most thru trial and error. I really need help at this
point . Pics must be 1920 x1440. I have resized but they also require the canvas
size to be 1920x1920 with black borders. The end result would be that there is
black extension borders filling in the shorter sides. All I keep getting is the
little squares. I have a deadline for this application and I'm hoping someone
could give me some clues on this issue. A BIG Thanks for any suggestions or help

You probably already did "Image/Canvas Size" with width and height equal to 1920, and clicking "Center", which produces the litte squares on either side of the original image. The next step is to create a new layer filled with black, and move the new layer below the original layer. Then flatten the image ("Image/Flatten Image").

I think I answered your question, but my apologies if I'm answering the wrong question!


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