Re: [Gimp-user] create a flashing neon sign

On 13-12-08 11:38 PM, LazTopCat wrote:
Hi y'all.. I'm a first time poster... I'm good at making neon.. but I want to
animate it... say 3 to 4 lines that flash alternatley.... or one line that looks
like the neon is fizzing out... can anyone help me here?

There is a Script-Fu script called neon-logo.scm in GIMP that allowed the creation of images that looked like they were made out of glowing neon. It generated multiple layers so it was easy to turn on/off layers to create the on and off images that could be layered to make an animation.

Around half of the Script-Fu scripts that used to be in GIMP have been removed as of the current git master version including the neon effect. For the next release of GIMP you will have to track down a copy of the script if you want to continue using it.


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