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On 12/10/2013 09:29 AM, Mochabear wrote:

Hello. I'm aware that you can create animated gifs using gimp.
Is it possible to make a short movie using gimp? such as for youtube?
If so, how?

Thank you

 You can use Gimp to create an animated GIF (or a series of images) and
convert that to a video format, but I don't think Gimp would be practical
to use for the number of images you have to produce for a "short movie"
(unless it's a trivial thing that can be produced with a script).

Of course you can! Why couldn't you?!
Obviously you don't want to use GIMP for the *whole* workflow. GIMP is
for the drawing part. I would seriously advise to look into other
programs for editing and compositing.
Now, let's be clear. GIMP is missing a few capabilities from other
software which would make life easier. And the animation playback
plugin currently in GIMP 2.8 definitely sucks for checking animations
pre-editing (like having small previews of pieces of the whole finale
product). I am working on improving it for 2.10. This makes using GIMP
quite annoying for animation sometimes. But it is still usable.

But don't forget GAP, the Gimp animation package, which can be used to
create true movies, for example in MPEG.

GAP is exactly what I would not use. At least for what I've tried and
seen in various tutorials online. It is trying to do everything, even
the cafe. It is acceptable if you want to do fancy gif files or
similar animations (like looping drawings, bling-bling effects,
rotating and blinking images for no other reason that "rotation and
blinking is cool", at least for many people), with random cool song
unsynced with the image. But when you want to do anything you like,
you need a real editor. GIMP is made for drawing, not for editing,
syncing sound to lips or accurate frames, or compressing into a video
format. So for animation, use GIMP for drawing, and do other tools for
sound editing and syncing, video editing, compositing, etc.
Note again that I know that GAP is a nice tool for a lot of people
with simple needs. But this can't be considered as a tool for any
generic 2D animation making.

This for instance was drawn entirely in GIMP:
This too (rotoscoping, drawn over real footage):


Olivier Lecarme
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