[Gimp-user] Specific personal tool preferences.

What I want to know is if there is a way to make a hotkey or at all save specific options for specific 
Let's say I'm using the 'Paintbrush, Opacity 70%, Hardness 075, Size 4.00' as my "standard outline tool". 
Can I some how save that preference (and any other tool such as "Specific Eraser Op. 100%, Hard. 100, Size 
10.00) so that I can easily switch between "Ouline Brush" and "Specific Eraser" . Maybe to the 'f-buttons'

I'd like to be able to make maybe 5 specific tools:
-Outline Brush
-Small Eraser
-Big Eraser
-Detailed Color brush
-Big Color Brush.

See what I'm asking for? I hope there is a way to solve this, really like GIMP so far!

Tyvm /Emil

Did you try the tool presets? Available from windows / dialogues. There you can save specific tool options 
as you want it. I'm not sure for the hotkeys option though. 

Thaaaank you SIR! :D That's perfect, it's a bit messy setting up the presets but I think I'll get the hang 
of it soon! Is there a way to out up a third shelf? Im lazy and don't want to switch between Presets and my 
Layers xD

Ty  /Emil

Vlaar (via gimpusers.com)

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