Re: [Gimp-user] Fw: RSVP

* scl <scl gplus gmail com> [09-25-12 23:28]:
Thanks, Robert, for the inspiring input for the new mailing list rules.
You find them at The
section 1.5 is worth reading ;-)

I guess, you meant it well. But this is a mailing list for GIMP users to
discuss GIMP usage and such stuff is in the wrong place here. Do yourself
the favour and don't waste your time with chain letters. There are more
successful ways to get and hold friends ;-)

Kind regards,

Smilies aside, your tone implies otherwise, re: "Kind regards".
An effort is being made to return the list to discussion and civility. 
Points have been made and direction laid out.  You do not need to agree or
even like it but unless you contribute code that convinces the current
maintainers otherwise, it has been stated that the path will be followed.

Become part or don't but if you decide against, show your rage somewhere

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